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Improve your Leadership style! There is a sizeable difference between those that can manage a team and those that can lead a team. Learn how to truly lead your team with Craig’s effective leadership skills and tips.

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Make the positive difference in your life! Develop your personal skills and inspire a positive difference in yourself. These dependable pointers by Craig can direct your life.

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The Art of Communication is at the heart of inspirational leadership. Craig shares a selection of simple and effective, research backed guidance on how to improve your communication skills.

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When you evoke the positivity to succeed within your team, you will quickly uncover the results. Creating a happy, successful and positive workforce easily encourages teamwork. Increase in the efficiency, confidence and productivity using incredibly simple techniques. Explore Craig’s genuine advice, guidance and tooltips to inspire a positive difference to your workforce.

Awaken The Leader Keynote Speeches

Craig is undoubtedly very knowledgeable in many areas of management training and demonstrates great understanding in the application of taught theories. He conceptualises models with a unique and exceptional approach, recalling witty …

Jason Andrews – General Manager, Martin Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

I have worked with Craig over the past nine years under various guises. He has inspired many of our staff conferences, delivered innovative corporate training to the whole of the company and …

Bridget Lloyd, Assistant Chief Executive – Boston Mayflower Ltd

Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants have a long standing professional relationship with Craig Collinson. Craig has provided training courses, team workshops and leadership sessions.

David Everatt, Managing Partner – Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants

Our employees have given consistent positive feedback on his adaptable and warm approach and we hope to continue the partnership with Craig for the future to get the same level of results.

Steve Mumby – Training Supervisor – Cristal Global