This is a simple and quick story on why you should see everything in your life as feedback.

Have you ever noticed how some phrases stick in your memory?

One I heard years ago, whilst listening to a personal development programme on a cassette series (that’s how many years ago) was:

“Remember, no one ever erected a statue to a critic!”

Like all things in life, how you see anything will depend on the perspective you choose.

It’s never what happens. It’s always how you react to what happens.

I learned, a while back, to choose to view any ‘criticism’ I receive AND any ‘praise’ that comes my way as feedback.

One small change, one big difference.

That shift in my perspective has served me well. It has allowed me to have a genuine unattachment to either. And because of this, I have become open to both.

Case in point. A few weeks ago, a Facebook post showed me in a black and white photograph. Dated over 30 years ago now. It harks back to my days as a manager for Warner Holiday Entertainment.

A comment from one of my team at the time named me as “awful to work for!”. Of course, the obligatory laughing face emoji accompanied the comment.

But it was obvious she meant it.

What’s more. She was completely right!



That feeling you get when you look back on the past.


Back then I did not have the first clue how to manage myself let alone a team. I responded immediately by apologising and agreeing that, as a manager, I was a “nightmare”.

Without my ‘feedback’ perspective I can guarantee that I would have dwelled negativity on that post for days.

As it was, the ancient photograph made me smile. And the comment made me think about how much I’ve learned since those “nightmare” days.

Recently I attended a full day event, with a high-ticket price, held in central London.

Although the keynote speaker delivered their part of the day well, there were other aspects that I was quite disappointed in. So, I put my thoughts in an e-mail.

I followed all the golden rules of good practice.

I wrote the first draft. I ensured to highlight the positives (or feedback). And to clarify the negatives (or feedback).

I slept on it.

Took advice on it.

Revised it.

And finally sent it to the host/organiser.



It’d be nice if you could post e-mails like you could do with letters. There’s something uniquely special about letters that gets lost with e-mails.


Guess what? No response! Nothing. Not even the most basic acknowledgement came back.

I sent my feedback to them with the intention of providing constructive comments. To help them refine their offer for next time.

Yet, the lack of ANY response demonstrates that my feedback is of no interest to them.

So that tells me that whilst my money is worth taking, my opinions on what my money purchased are worthless.

My thoughts are without value. I am not important!!!!


As a customer, that’s a bad message to receive.



No longer will your phone be ringing as your customers will head elsewhere.


As it stands there’s no possibility I’ll ever book anything with them ever again.

You and I do not like criticism if that’s how it’s perceived.

So, instead, change your perspective. Take anything and everything that comes your way from here on as feedback!

As far as organisations go… they should never EVER ignore feedback from a customer.

Instead, they would be wise to value it, be grateful for it, learn from it!


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