These 7 tips for Managing Stress are simple ways you to control stress levels.

Stress is a very individual issue and your stressors may vary.

Put in place these thoughts. Take positive steps to help you Managing Stress with effective and resourceful methods.


Tip #1 – Exercise

Exercising is a great stress reliever.

A good workout releases endorphins into your system.

These are sometimes referred to as the ‘happy hormones’!

Not only is exercise beneficial for your long-term physical health.

It is also an effective and immediate way to help reduce your stress levels. And, in the end, improve your mental health.



You’ll be amazed how great you feel with only a little bit of exercise.


Tip #2 – Say No

Give yourself permission to say NO!

Your personal ‘stressors’ are going to come in a variety of guises.

You might link these to people, some to places, others to things you do.

Remember that you have the right to say no to something you don’t want to do.

A person you don’t want to spend time with or a place you don’t want to be.


Tip #3 – Time

Create some time for you.

This ‘me time’ is so important in respect of helping to ease away the stresses of the day.

It may be as simple as a long soak in the bath.

Taking time to read.

Watching your favourite TV show. Or taking a walk.

Even if this is not possible for you every day then sometime in the week is better than none at all.


Tip #4 – Write

You may have things you would like to say to certain individuals.

These people may have upset you, irritated you or caused you to feel angry or negative.

A great way to help clear the stress is to write them a letter.

Say everything you wish to say and then – without reading it back – burn the letter.

It sounds odd, but it works.

Who are you going to write to?



Put pen to paper and let go of your feelings.


Tip #5 – Eat

‘You are what you eat’ is a phrase you would have heard before.

And to combat stress, it is an important element to consider.

Ensure that you eat as healthy as possible.

Your food has an impact on how you feel. Both in a physical and mental way.

Consider your diet.

Strive to eat less processed food and more fruit & vegetables.


Tip #6 – Sleep

The right amount of sleep for you is one of the keys to managing your stress levels.

Many people need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night.

But only you actually know what you need.

Start ‘unwinding’ about an hour before bed.



Unfortunately we can’t sleep all day like a cat, but try to get the right amount for you.


Drop things that don’t help…

Stop thinking about work.

Stop watching the news.

Don’t drink alcohol.

Avoid arguments.

Good night!


Tip #7 – Thoughts

You are in charge of your own thoughts.

You get more of what you focus on.

You can help manage your stress by managing your thoughts.

Make your mental self-talk as positive as you can.

Tell yourself you are ‘calm and relaxed’.

You are ‘having a good day’.

Whatever positive statements work for you and takes away focus from any stress.