Yet again I find inspiration in the wonderful world of Mr Jim Rohn.

He was a quite remarkable wordsmith who spent a career perfecting his craft and ability to inspire others with the power of words.

My long gone mentor advises that we ought not be ‘casual’ in this area and encourages people ‘not to be lazy with language’. What a great phrase.

A tip I picked up many years ago from one of Rohn’s audio presentations was how to use words to instantly change perspective on a situation.

This is such a simple technique, and, like so many of his no nonsense, practical philosophies, it works. What’s more, the technique is only three words long! How impressive is that? To change your feelings about any circumstance … made possible in just three little words.

Before the grand finale when I reveal to you the magic little phrase in all its glory, please allow me the following comments.

A few days ago after viewing a seminar of Jim Rohn’s on You Tube I scrolled down and read some of the comments that had been posted. Most were appreciative and positive, as usual, which I, of course, was happy about .

Except one man wasn’t so impressed at all and in his mini rant had referred to him as ‘Captain Obvious’.

Now just hang on there matey!

In my experience the things that make real a difference in life are often obvious and common sense. But common sense isn’t common practice and things are only ‘obvious’ when we become aware of them.

You see what’s happening? I’m getting defensive of my hero! My natural instinct kicks in when someone attacks something or someone I like.

Criticism has be countered doesn’t it? It’s the law!

Doesn’t it?? Well, apparently no.

You see what Mr Rohn would have done in the face of that type of comment, or any other criticism, is use the three word formula. Just as we can when things haven’t gone quite the way we’d hoped for, when life is challenging, difficult and inexplicable.

When we are bewildered by people’s behaviour and for us the ‘common sense’ and ‘obvious’ gets up and leave the room.

Here’s the three words that can say in response that can make all the difference …

‘Isn’t that interesting’.

That phrase works like magic. It has helped me to instantly reframe so many situations over the last few years I can’t begin to tell you.

Please take it from me that the habit of falling back on that little 19 letter gem saves you energy, time and stress.

Try it the next time you’re faced with a comment, behaviour, action or situation that makes you want to reach for something heavy.

Take a moment, take a breath and say to yourself ‘isn’t that interesting’.