How many times today have you been somewhere other than where you were ‘meant’ to have been?

If you were at work how often were you thinking about issues at home?  When you were at home on how many occasions did your thoughts drift back to work?

When talking with a colleague or friend how often did you mentally leave that conversation?  You may well have heard the noise, the chatter, but were you really concentrating on the words?

How often today would you estimate that you have been focused on the past or projecting into the future?   The consequence of this is that you can waste too much of your time by either replaying yesterday or living in tomorrow instead of being in the present moment.

Imagine a glass of water made up of many thousands of single drops gathered together. Likewise, your life is comprised of thousands of individual moments packaged into the minutes and hours of your day.  In the same way that your water will take the shape of the glass into which it’s poured, so too will your day shape up in response to how you choose to spend your time.

The moments of each today are truly the raw material of your life, they are all you have.  Treat them with the respect they deserve and appreciate their incredible significance and potential value.  Then, whenever you find yourself focusing on somewhere, sometime or something that isn’t where you ideally need to be reminding yourself of the value of the moment will help to bring you back to NOW.

Thank you for your time and that’s all … for the moment!