Like Clackers, Tamagotchi’s and Cabbage Patch Dolls the Ice Bucket Challenge burned brightly and then faded away.

Now whilst I enjoyed playing with my clackers the idea of tipping a big old bucket full of ice or icy water over myself was about as appealing to me then as the thought of being asked to serve as Donald Trump’s Advisor on Charm & Inclusion would be to me now! On both counts the answer is no thank you, Mr President!

Taking the concept of the Ice Bucket Challenge and adapting it slightly I would like to propose the idea of the Positive Bucket or if you prefer the Bucket of Positivity. What you might decide to label it is unimportant but what you choose to keep in it is of the highest importance.

I keep my Positive Bucket full to the brim with the phrase ‘Why am I having such a great day today?” and I tip that over me at times during the day when I need to soak myself through with that particular ‘truth’.

Sometimes if, in reality, I am tired and my energy reserves are low then my Positive Bucket is filled with positively framed questions such as “What I am feeling so mentally alert and so full of energy?” or another favourite is “Why am I so much better at my job today than I’ve ever, ever been before?”

With my Positive Bucket full of my chosen content I then tip it over me and that means to repeat the phrase over and over again with passion, energy and belief for anywhere between 1-2 minutes. This drenches me in my chosen affirmation until I start to FEEL it and that’s the key, to FEEL the reality of your words.

My challenge to you this week is for YOU to decide on the content of YOUR personal Positive Bucket – perhaps the I AM affirmations … I am positive, I am successful, I am confident. Or maybe you prefer POSITIVE STATEMENTS … Everything always goes right for me! Or you might, as I do, choose POSITIVE QUESTIONS … Why is my life so great? How many wonderful things are happening to me today?

Then when your Positive Bucket is full all you need to do is tip it out all over you for at least 60 seconds at a time and just allow yourself to FEEL the effects.

That’s it, over to you, so … what’s in your bucket?

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