Steve Mumby – Training Supervisor – Cristal Global

Our employees have given consistent positive feedback on his adaptable and warm approach and we hope to continue the partnership with Craig for the future to get the same level of results.

Jason Andrews – General Manager, Martin Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

Craig is undoubtedly very knowledgeable in many areas of management training and demonstrates great understanding in the application of taught theories. He conceptualises models with a unique and exceptional approach, recalling witty examples from experience, practical analogies combined with charming wit and humour. This approach enables the engagement of learners whist creating a relaxed and conducive learning environment.

Becky Howitt – Training Co-ordinator – West Burton Power Station

Craig is one of our regular trainers here at EDF Energy. We have worked with Craig for a long time and I can honestly say that he is certainly the elite when it comes down to training, mentoring and coaching. I have never met a trainer with such a unique talent for what he does. His style is professional, slick and captivating. It is amazing to see the effects he has on the delegates, most leave his sessions stimulated, revived and championing his work.

Gary Jordan – Education & Training Lead – NAViGO CIC Health & Social Care

Craig’s personality and appropriate use of humour and life experiences added immensely to the depth knowledge of the subject matter combined with his unique approach ensuring there would be no ‘death by power-point’! The sessions proved interactive, educational, informative and enjoyable.

David Everatt, Managing Partner – Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants

Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants have a long standing professional relationship with Craig Collinson. Craig has provided training courses, team workshops and leadership sessions.

John Howes, Chief Executive – Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association

Craig’s work with Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association has been exhilarating with the right mix of humour to capture our teams’ attention, provoke thought and facilitate debate. Enjoyable training is effective training.

Bridget Lloyd, Assistant Chief Executive – Boston Mayflower Ltd

I have worked with Craig over the past nine years under various guises. He has inspired many of our staff conferences, delivered innovative corporate training to the whole of the company and stepped in to support resolutions to difficult team issues. His informed, organised and methodical approach has supported my transition from an operational to a far more strategic focus and made that whole process very meaningful.