My tips for Assertive Communication are in no particular order. They are simple and practical steps for enhancing the impact of your communication.

You will see dramatic results for the better by making a few subtle changes.

Apply these tips on a daily basis to develop the skills of Assertive Communication.




Tip #1 – Your Rights.

Remember you have rights!

The right to say no, the right to respect, the right to make mistakes and the list goes on.

Remember though. The consequence of having these rights is the responsibility to also afford them for others.


Tip #2 – Speak Clearly.

To overcome some basic barriers in daily communication with others, try to avoid ambiguity, jargon, abbreviation and technical speak!

Select your words with care.

Don’t use a complex word where a simple one will do just as well.

This will all help to avoid misinterpretation.


Tip #3 – Repeat Yourself.

When you need to reinforce your point, use the ‘broken record’ technique.

Keep repeating your core message.

Do not fall into the temptation to introduce excuses in support of your message.

This will only provide the other person with reasons to challenge you.


Tip #4 – Thank You.

Say “thank you” instead of “please”.

In circumstances when you make a request of someone use “thank you” where you would use the word “please”.

This very small change assumes that what you have requested will be done.


Tip #5 – Pace Yourself.

It’s fine to become more assertive bit by bit.

Pace yourself. Especially with difficult people or very strong characters.

Build up to the end result.

For instance, start by being around them more.

Hold their gaze a little longer.

Practice positive body language in their presence.

Summarise their statements back to them.

Become more assertive and confident at a pace that suits you.


Tip #6 – Your Goals.

Be very clear about your goals in relation to your assertive behaviour.

Consider when and for what reason you would like to more assertive.

With whom you want to be more assertive.

And for what reason.

In other words…what do you want to achieve from it?


Tip #7 – Be Productive.

If you are not being assertive that means your behaviour is either aggressive or passive.

Neither of these is productive or helpful in the longer term.

Make your aim to become more assertive as often as possible in as many situations as you’re able.