A simple formula for achievement summed up in six words could be SET GOALS, MAKE PLANS,

WORK HARD.  Now factor in two more words and we’re off to the races.  Those two words are BE FLEXIBLE.

In the current gales that are battering our shores it’s the trees that are best able to bend with the force of the elements that will survive as opposed to those that can’t and so will break.

Like the trees, we too need to bend so as not to break!

You may have the clearest goals that you are determined to achieve and a vision of what success looks like for you.  You may have highly developed plans and a step-by-step approach mapped out.  You may be disciplined, focused and productive in working your plan and moving steadily towards the realisation of your ultimate destination.

However, you will almost certainly encounter problems, obstacles and circumstances which will throw ‘barriers’ across your path.  These may be equivalent to a little bit of rubble scattering your road or may take the form of a great big brick wall blocking your way.

The key is to be flexible in dealing with the ‘barriers’ and finding ways over, round, under or through them.  It’s your ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and be creative, positive and flexible in your approach that will make the difference in your ultimate success in achieving your goal.

So when life throws a spanner in your works you can either direct your energy into stomping about and having a rant or you can accept this new reality and find ways to keep moving forward.

After years of experience choosing the ‘stomp and rant’ option, I know now which one of the two actually works!

So whatever you wish to achieve in the coming year, set yourself clear goals, make yourself detailed plans, work hard by putting in the time and effort and when you encounter the ‘spanners’, the ‘rubble’ or the ‘brick walls’ remember BE FLEXIBLE!