On Facebook a few days ago there was a post heralding that it’s just 10-weeks until Christmas Eve.  Wasn’t Easter only last month?


So, very soon the clocks will go back an hour, it won’t be long before it feels like it doesn’t get light until lunch and starts to go dark about 2:00 p.m.


Yes, my friend, winter is a coming.


This is the time of year to turn up the dial, not only on the central heating but also on your positive attitude.


Remember!  regardless of the external circumstances, the dark, the cold, the frost, the ice, the snow, the freezing fog… how we choose to react to it is our decision alone.


“Oh I hate this time of year!” 

“Oh it’s so depressing!” 

[Insert your own “Oh….!”]


Why not instead have a relentlessly positive approach to the next few months?  The weather may well be wintry – what do you expect – it’s winter!  Whilst you can’t control the weather, you absolutely can control your reactions to it.  If you choose to.


And anyway, before you know it you’ll be moaning about having to cut the grass.